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Monday, May 10, 2010

carrie, samantha, miranda, charlotte - who are you?

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I just had an extremely important phone call with my little sister, Jennie. We talk several times a week and discuss all manner of things. No topic is ever off limits between us. What we think of Obama and his health care plan. The importance of getting a good eyebrow wax. The sad demise of Sandra Bullock's marriage. And the delicate question of who our mother will live with one day. The jury is still out on that one, by the way.

But this time I wanted to know which Sex & the City character I was most like.

Me: Which one am I?... I'd like to be Carrie.

Jennie: Honey, you're not Carrie.

Me: OK then, am I Charlotte? I can handle being Charlotte.

Jennie: Oh my gosh. You're SO not Charlotte, either.

Me: But I adopted a little girl from China, doesn't that make me a little like Charlotte?

Jennie: Not really.

Me: Then, who am I?

Jennie: long pause......You want to be Carrie, but in're Miranda.

And there it was. My lifelong identity struggle summed up in a single sentence. I want to be a Carrie, but I'm really a Miranda. I've never even had a therapist wrap it up that tightly. But I think it might be true.

I'd like to be the happy-go-lucky, fabulous style, trend-setter Carrie. But in reality, I am the practical, all-business Miranda.

I'd like to be the girl embracing life with reckless abandon, but I am the smart,no-nonsense one embracing life with a tad of cynicism.

I'd like to be fun and flirty all the time. But in reality I'm a little tightly wound.

I'd like to constantly switch between brunette and blonde, but I'm a redhead. Wait. That's not true. Maybe I just found the one way I am like Carrie.

I decided to watch a few SATC reruns to see if I really was more like Miranda than the others. That's when I heard Miranda say this: "I have low self-esteem but I express it the healthy way, by eating a box of double stuff Oreos."


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Now it's your turn:

Who are you most like from SATC?


  1. Too funny Michelle. I want to be a Charlotte but I'm totally a Miranda too.

  2. LOL!

    You're not going to believe this, but I've never watched the show. :-o I do, however, kind of know a little about the characters.

  3. I have always seen myself as Charlotte...I wonder what others would say about me!

  4. I also want to be a Carrie, but I'm 75% Charlotte, 25% Miranda. I like things pretty, proper, nice and mannerly, but I definitely have my cynical and practical side. I will admit, I wish I were a little Samantha. Not the sleeping with everyone part, but the confident, "I don't care what anyone thinks about me" part.

  5. My daughter loves it, but I' like "Just Mom", I have never watched the show!!

  6. I always wanted to be Charlotte + Carrie, but my husband tells me I'm more of a Samantha-Miranda hybrid. Sigh ;)

  7. I think in percentages, like Meredith above: %50 Miranda, with %25 Carrie and %25 Charlotte. Barely any Samantha at all... But my husband? Totally Mr. Big.

  8. 40% Miranda, 35% Charlotte, 25% Carrie. I didn't identify with Miranda at all until the movie. I haven't been through the infidelity situation with my husband, but I could see myself handling it the same way. I have the perfectionist/proper tendencies of Charlotte and aspire to the fashion identity of Carrie.

  9. I am probably Charlotte but I really wish I was Carrie. I am too much of a prude to be Samantha. I am pretty practical so maybe I am a little Miranda as well?

  10. I'm pretty sure I'm Samantha, wanted to be Charlotte one day... haha I'm just trying ;-)

  11. I WISH I were Carrie - but I know so LITTLE about fashion, and couldn't pull it off if I tried... I'd like to be Charlotte - but not married. I WANT to be married and adopt a little girl... does that count? Miranda... not sure... ? Someone will probably have to tell me who I am.
    And I get Mom. For sure. And dad. And Aunt.

  12. I am absolutely, 100%, loud and proud a Miranda! It's so funny b/c I've long though that Miranda & Charlotte would never be friends in real life and a few weeks ago a girlfriend and I were talking and I realized I was talking to a Charlotte. It IS possible!

  13. Of course I wish to as well balanced as Carrie; however, I, too, am a Miranda, through and through.

  14. I'm totally a Miranda. And I'm totally fine with that. She's the most realistic. In terms of expectations of a fiction character. Can't wait for the movie!

  15. I think I'm a cross between Miranda and Charlotte!

  16. I'm Charlotte with a little Miranda thrown in. :)

  17. I want to be Samantha, but am more like a Charlotte/Miranda mix.

  18. I think I always wanted to be Charlotte (perfect life, perfect clothes, perfect house) but really I'm Miranda. But it's okay!

    I can't wait for the movie!

  19. Carrie without her fashion sense. I wish I had more Samantha.